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Morgwen AU ♕ Morgana is the shy, kind wife of King Uther of Camelot. While on a visit to a neighbouring kingdom, Morgana becomes fast friends with their Queen Guinevere. Before long, she finds solace from her cold-hearted husband in the Queen’s arms.

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Merlin AU + Morgana and Guinevere as the Destined Pair

In which Guinevere is the heir to the throne of Camelot, and Morgana is her ever loyal (although somewhat impudent) sorceress of a servant that she is unduly affectionate to. When her father dies, Guinevere inherits the throne, and to no one’s surprise, makes Morgana her Consort and a Queen of Camelot in her own right. Together, the two unite Albion and usher in a golden age of peace for the kingdoms. (x)

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Merlin Meme » [3/8 relationships] » Gwen/Morgana

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If you could see the future, would you chose to run?

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modern!au where gwen wears bright floral dresses and morgana listens to heavy metal and longs for the fall of corrupted government okay this is just really how it has to be

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Once Upon a Midnight (Morgana/Morgause) →


Title: Once Upon a Midnight
Fandom: Merlin
Characters/Pairings: Morgana/Morgause
Rating: M (Mostly for situations)
Word Count: 21,698
Summary: Once upon a midnight clear, a fairytale stretched her wings. With hair of moon, skin of night and wings phoenix feather, she flickered in the corner of mortal’s eyes – never quite being seen.
The fairytale that Morgana dreamt about all her life was just days away from fruition and it seemed to her that life had never been sweeter. But Camelot’s court is a dangerous place and someone knows her secret.
Sequel to At My Most Beautiful, though reading that first is not essential if its length daunts you.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Merlin, this is purely for entertainment purposes.

Livejournal: Part 1 | Part 2 Part 3


Queen and Sorceress: Flirting at the Dinner Table

Queen and Sorceress: Flirting at the Dinner Table

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"High Priestesses at Beltane" (Morgana/Morgause) for rosewolfs


Morgana shivered, swaying to the beat of the horse-skin drums and the crackling of the towering fires. It was like nothing she had ever felt. It was the headiness of dark mead. The other-worldliness of a dream. And the burning of want.

“Come,” Morgause breathed in her ear, her arms sliding around Morgana’s waist as she pressed up behind her. “It is time.”

Her head falling back, Morgana smiled and dropped her hands to Morgause’s, feeling her untie her robe and open her up to the cold and moonlight.

“Come,” Morgause whispered again, taking one of Morgana’s hands and spinning her around, pulling her close.

“That a promise, is it?” Morgana breathed in the split second that her mouth brushed Morgause’s ear.

When Morgana spun away again, she caught sight of Morgause’s stunned expression and felt the Goddess laugh within her.  She felt Morgause’s eyes watching her, boring into her when she thought Morgana was not looking. Hungrier and hungrier her gaze grew, until she could take it no more.

The next time she was within range of Morgana, she grabbed her around the waist and kissed her with all the force of the roaring fire around which they danced. Cheering rose around them and Morgana laughed.

“And here was me thinking all these months that you were all longing gazes and no action,” Morgana teased, artfully evading a kiss.

Morgause, speechless, only kissed her harder. 


It’s understandable - to feel so alone.

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